Jail Bird Card Game
JailBird Games

Jail Bird Card Game

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Developed by Students from UW Seattle!

Play the card game everyone is squawking about

Frame your avian accomplices for crimes in order to escape the penguin police in this deception filled party card game

How to Play:

On your turn draw one card

If you draw a purple event card your turn ends, and the event happens - Then play as many cards as you want. You want to move evidence cards to other people’s hands. When the penguin police card is drawn, a police raid begins. If you have the most evidence in hand at the end, you’re out

Other Rules

  • After the police raid, place the police card at the bottom of the deck
  • When discarding cards, don't discard evidence cards!
  • If no one has evidence at the police raid, no one goes to jail. Place the police card at the bottom of the deck

Tie Breaker! If two or more players tie for the same amount of evidence at the end of the police raid:

  • The player with the least amount of cards goes to jail
  • If players are still tied, the player with the least amount of Action cards in hand goes to jail
  • If they're still tied, they must crow like a rooster